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“How Do You Like It, Honey?” Just Some Crucial Tips for Choosing the Right Venue

city wedding venueTradition dictates that the bride should have first and last say when it comes to choosing the right venue. But in this postmodern era where social equality seems to be ever on the rise, it’s only fair that the groom should have at least some input in the decision-making process. You could look at it as a joyous test drive for things to come, where both partners can sit down and hammer out any asymmetric kinks. In the utmost lovingly fashion, of course.

When picking THE right venue for the momentous day, the first issue up on the board will obviously be whether you’ve decided to go for a religious ceremony or a civil wedding. More couples coming from different belief systems choose to have the ceremony on neutral ground, so to speak, in which case, civil is clearly the way to go. Depending on the allocated timeframe and budget, there’s also the option of doing two ceremonies if you belong to two different faiths and neither wants to convert. After all, two weddings – twice the fun. Remember to start browsing your venues with plenty of time to spare, especially if you’re set on a specific date. The more flexibility you can afford in your schedule, the more options will be open to you, once you start looking. The choice must also be made with the right reception location available in close proximity.

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What kind of theme are you in the market for? Elegant and extravagant or low-key and intimate? Thoroughly discuss the overall style and be prepared to compromise on both ends. The same applies to the budget, which should be setup as soon as possible. Fortunately, the majority of a wedding budget consists of food and drink. Coming to terms on the right caterer and bartender is not that hard a choice. Which brings us to the guests. It’s not only your own budget that needs to be taken into account, but also the flexibility of your invited friends and family. Just because it’s your once-in-a-lifetime occasion, doesn’t mean your wedding guests should have to spend a fortune to be in attendance. The ideal choice is to choose a venue relatively close to most of the people on your list. Hotels, inns and local transportation should also be considered when picking the right spot. Too many couples tend to be far too rigid when it comes to the decided number of guests. The number of people invited will obviously limit your choices of available venues, but it’s often far easier to adapt your guest list after the chosen location instead of vice versa.

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Planning a ceremony involves a lot of smaller details that, like a puzzle, need to fit together perfectly to create that finished picture seen on the box. The task can seem overwhelming, particularly for younger couple with limited means. There are a lot of services for helping you choose the desired venue; they vary from large multi-national organization to smaller, privately owned firms. Feel more than free to shoot us a message if you feel like you could use a nudge in the right direction and we’ll do our best to help you with your choice.…

Getting Married Like a True Diva (Mariah Carey): I Want the Most Expensive Wedding Ever

Is That a Ring on Your Finger, MariahWhen you’re rich and famous, and also been given free reigns and a budget without a conceivable ceiling, it’s easy to get somewhat carried away. That’s exactly Mariah Carey’s current predicament. The superstar diva is in full swing, planning her wedding to her billionaire fiancé, James Packer.

It was only a couple of weeks back that the singing sensation confirmed the engagement between herself and entrepreneur extraordinaire Packer. In true celebrity fashion, Ms. Carey made the announcement official by “accidentally” getting her picture taken while sporting her engagement ring, a diamond piece so large that the diva are supposedly having trouble lifting her left arm. The ring clocks in at an amazing 35-carat and is valued at over seven million dollars. This might seem like a fortune for most, but with an estimated worth of $3.5 billion, we’re sure Packer can afford it. With ring on exhausted finger and heart on sleeve, Mariah has now begun planning the ceremony, down to the smallest detail. Of course, we’re not talking modesty here. The idea is to arrange the biggest and most expensive wedding in the history of mankind, according to close sources.

James has apparently told her love that money is of no concern at all, and the unlimited budget is already showing itself. The singer has, among other things, ordered a set of custom-tailored invitations encrusted with diamonds to make certain none of her many acquaintances forget to save the special date.

The wedding itself will take place over the course of three days in three separate locations. True to her reputation, Ms. Carey won’t just be married to the same man once, but thrice. The first ceremony is set to be held on James’ native soil, Australia. Guests will be flown out in private jets and all the surrounding beaches will be temporarily closed off to keep the media out. The following day, it’s off to California, namely Disneyland. Like a fairy tale prince and princess, the couple will tie the knot under the keen supervision of Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Later, they will traverse the magic land in a chariot made entirely out of white chocolate, to the awe and envy of one and all. The night will be spent in a genuine castle, complete with solid gold restrooms. The diva wishes to sit on a golden throne in more sense than one, it seems.

That's One Huge Engagement Ring, Mariah

Finally, the whole entourage will head over to Las Vegas and back in time to the Egyptian era. The whole venue will be decorated like an ancient throne room, with the happy couple taking on the roles of king and queen with a divine mandate. Mariah and James will be able to look down on their guests from high above, and perhaps even pass judgment wherever they deem fit. Booked acts for the evening include Sir Elton John, Beyoncé and Kanye West, with a possible and probable appearance from the bride herself. All in all, the wedding will be filled with so much luxury and over-the-top moments that all in attendance will have tears in their eyes, says Mariah.

We are loath to disagree with that statement.…